The Bspoke Team

A Title Agency Management Company

Executive Leadership

John Magness


Sarah Blackburn


Patricia Rissanen


Britt Naponic

Executive Vice President/General Counsel

Michael Neary, Jr.

CFO/CIO/Executive Vice President


Elle Haynes

Senior Vice President of Escrow Operations

Misty Weiser

Title Production Operations Manager

Valerie Jobe

Senior Vice President of Administrative Services

Brad Carraway


Bette LeMay

Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Tom Osborne

Chief Legal & Escrow Counsel/Senior Vice President

Escrow Operations

Beth Franke

Audit Coordinator

Stephanie Sanchez

Abstractor Title Exam Assistant

Administrative Operations

Misty Di Paola

Director of Marketing

Allen De La Zerda

IT Manager

Erin Peifer

Project Manager

Rebecca Spann

Senior Administrative Services Coordinator

Vei Bobadilla

Operations Assistant

Samuel Wolstenholme

Operations Assistant

Financial Operations

Sharon Garza 

Accounting Manager

Tori Mackert

HR Manager